Frozen & Chilled dobermanns semen available



For the first time in the USA , in the doberman kennel Biere Haus ,Kaiserin Kana di Altobello gave birth 2 male puppies which were produced using Obi's Wan Kenobi de Grand Vinko frozen semen . In cooperation between the BETELGES KENNEL and CLONE SERBIA we have launched a new era in the exchange of genetic material between the Serbian and American doberman breeders.
Few days after the first ' frozen' litter we have the honor to announce that in the USA gained another litter from Obi's wan Kenobi frozen semen . Female is MEGAN for Dade Unreachables from DadeDoberman and she produced 7 puppies. 5 alive and 2 pups was born dead.


"FROZEN" puppies in USA. In Indiana this time New litter from Obi Wan Kenobi de Grande Vinko and SIERRA'S ZOOMING ZOEY. Frozen semen was sent from Serbia (Clone Serbia) to Houston hospital and then to Indiana. In litter was born on May 13th 6 black males and 4 black females. On May 15th 2014 was made new surgical insemenation with Frozen semen of Obi Wan Kenobi de Grande Vinko. Female is Sierra's Allie. I wish good and sucessfull job.
"FROZEN PUPPIES"   from Obi Wan Kenobi de Grande Vinko and SIERRA'S ZOOMING ZOEY


July 13th, 2014 again in US, in Indiana, is born new litter by frozen semen of Obi Wan Kenobi de Grande Vinko. Dam is Sierras Allie. She had 9 puppies inside. was born 2 natural and did a c section to get the rest. Saved 5 boys and 1 girl....

Yesterday, Houston Texas during artificial insemination by Frozen semen of Obi Wan kenobi de Grande Vinko made video of semen after thawing. mobility of semen was 80% and here was part of letter i got from owner of female: " I thought you might like to see what Obi's sperm looks like under the microscope. Dr Reiman was very impressed with the 80% motility of it. He said most of the time you can only expect 50%. He said that Portia's uterus looked great and we will hopefully have many puppies.

At Betelges, not only do we stand a number of top Stud Dogs, we also have Frozen Semen from past and present champions.

Stored and Available Frozen Semen also Chilled Available
- Chilled and Frozen Semen from Obi Wan Kenobi de Grande Vinko
- Frozen Semen from Riker Betelges
- Frozen Semen from Ramon Betelges
- Frozen Semen from Questo Betelges

Frozen semen available for shipping to: Australia, New Zealand, America, South Africa, UK, Northern Ireland and European Union

For breeders from America information that have stored frozen semen of:

- Obi Wan Kenobi de Grande Vinko
- Ramon Betelges

Semen stored in Houston, Texas. For more info send me email...

Please contact Slobodan for any information.
Tel. +381 63 614136
Telephone in USA: 305- 9067184

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